Regulations for doctoral programmes at the Jagiellonian Univeristy [link]

Evaluation of the fulfilment of the PhD programme and of PhD students’ research skills as approved by the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences Council

1. Evaluation of the PhD programme requirements fulfilment has been described in detail in the syllabi of the subjects included in the PhD programme.

2. The doctoral student is required to submit the following documents:

  • individual research plan established in cooperation with the doctoral student’s doctoral advisor/supervisor and submitted by 31st October of each academic year,
  • an annual report form summing up the fulfilment of the doctoral student’s assignments to be submitted by 30th June, devised according to the model stipulated in a relevant resolution (the student shall be given an opportunity to update the report form with information on additional achievements he or she has had by 30th September). Download form for the report [file]


3. The doctoral student’s advisor/supervisor shall

  • (optionally) establish an advisory team and organise their meetings with the doctoral student according to the procedure outlined in here
  • submit, by 30th September of each academic year, the opinion concerning the doctoral student’s progress in PhD research (with reference to the research plan established for a given academic year).


At the end of each academic year, by 5th October, the head of the doctoral studies shall assess the fulfilment of the programme and research work by the doctoral student on the basis of the criteria stipulated in a relevant resolution.