PhD students are recruited to the specific research topics offered by potential doctoral advisors. A list of topics is given below. Candidates are expected to contact the faculty members who have announced the topics they are interested in pursuing.

In the Online Application System the topics will be identified by their number. Upon registration the candidates choose up to three research topics. For each declared subject, the candidates will be asked to attach the written approval of the faculty member, confirming that they are willing to academically supervise the candidate, if they pursue the research project subject which they have submitted. 

Please visit Online Application System to find out the information on the recruitment criteria and required documents.

Citizens of Poland and other countries of the European Union register using this link:

Citizens of other countries (and citizens of EU if they wish to pay for the studies) register using this link:

Topics for the recruitment in 2018 will be anounced in June 2018. Watch this space!