Topics selected during recruitment in 2017

IES-1: Experimental model of holobiont evolution: gut bacterial symbionts in bank voles selected for increased herbivorous capability

IES-4: Ecosystem services in environmental governance: a novel paradigm for addressing biodiversity decline

IB-5: Taxonomy and evolution of steppe grass species from the tribe Stipeae (Poaceae)

IZBR-8: Pathophysiology of sepsis: involvement of innate immune cells

IZBR-9: Reconstruction of the phylogeny of the order Apochela (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada)

IZBR-10: Testing Wallace with microinvertebrates – patterns of diversity and distribution of water bears (Tardigrada)

IES-14: Testing the heat dissipation limitation theory in birds and in the ageing perspective: a study on free-living and captive birds

IES-15: Testing the heat dissipation limitation theory in the context of ageing: reproductive performance in two mammalian animal models

IES-18: Intersexual differences in density-dependent dispersal and their consequences for metapopulation functioning

IZBR-20: Acetylcholine induced bursting activity of midbrain dopaminergic neurons - in vivo electrophysiological and pharmacological studies